Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group
Dedicated to Research and Conservation


January 2014...The EGEWG had its third meeting in Davis, West Virginia. With over double the attendance of previous meetings, this was the largest gathering yet and featured three days of excellent discussion and updates from researchers and state and federal officials from the US and Canada. Read highlights here.


March 2013
...the Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group was honored at the 9th Annual Wings Across the Americas Conservation Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.! Representing the group were Dr. Carol Croy, Dr. Trish Miller, Dr. Adam Duerr, Dr. Tom Schuler, Mike Lanzone, and Maria Wheeler. The night was hosted by Greg Butcher, the Migratory Species Coordinator of the US Forest Service's International Program; and the keynote speaker was Mary Wagner, Associate Chief of the Forest Service, who also helped distribute the awards. Other partnerships honored at the event included efforts for the conservation of the dusky Canada goose, black swifts, bats, and the original organizers behind International Migratory Bird Day. See press release;see program excerpt.

EGEWG members attend the WATA award ceremony in Washington, D.C. Left to right: Mary Wagner, Associate Chief of US Forest Service; Dan Brauning, PA Game Commission; Maria Wheeler, Duquesne University; Dr. Adam Duerr, West Virginia University; Dr. Trish Miller, West Virginia University; Mike Lanzone, Cellular Tracking Technologies; Dr. Carol Croy, US Forest Service; Dr. Tom Schuler, US Forest Service.
Photo credit: US Forest Service, Sean Kelley.

March 2013...Dr. Trish Miller fits a rehabilitated golden eagle with a telemetry unit before it is released back to the wild.

July 2012...The group held its second full meeting in Ste.-Anne-des-Monts in Quebec, Canada...read the highlights.

March 2012...Todd Katzner in WVU Today talking about a rehab bird fitted with a telemetry unit.


Feb 2011...Jeff Cooper and Dave Kramar representing the EGEWG in the Roanoke Times

Feb 2011...The newly released UFWS final draft guidance for land based wind development and the associated eagle conservation plan. Also, the corresponding press release.


Jan 2011...Dr. Todd Katzner and Kieran O'Malley discuss the presence of golden eagles in West Virginia.

Jan 2011...Craig Koppie lends a helping hand to the Cooper's hawk in the Library of Congress! http://www.fws.gov/chesapeakebay/cooper.html

Nov 2010...The Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group held its first ever meeting at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, PA.
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